Ok so here's my problem. I have arthritis in my back and neck, fractured my back and I also have some other issues going on. So I do have pain but Im starting to think that I need to get off this stuff cuz I feel like I have lost my life. I am tired all the time and feel like doing nothing. I am afraid to get off everything tho cuz I do have pain but I feel like maybe I need to get off all of it and start from scratch to see what is still needed if this makes any sense.
I am currently on robaxin, Percocet, fentanyl patches, ibuprofen. I also take celexa for depression and bus par for anxiety.
Sorry to jump around but until the year of 2007 I never had depression. What I have realized is after being on Vicodin for a year that's when the depression and anxiety started. Could there be a connection?
My doctor has suggested that subutex, suboxone and the patch can't remember the name help with pain and depression.
My question is one is this true and two what would everyone's advice be I just want my life back but I also don't want to live in pain either. Help!!