Hello all. Not been in greatest health. Just not up to writing much. Lungs continue to fail and I am extremely tired. Getting closer to the end of their abilities. And no transplants. My polymyositis prevents me from it. Am ok in general just happening faster than I had hoped. I have enjoyed meeting new friends and helping when possible. Be well. I will drift in and out of here as I need to do. Thanks to Kaismama who has helped me educate on prednisone. And all the others out there who continue to help and give the right knowledge to those in need or fear. For right now I am working upon the Next steps of the journey. With palliative care for a year now. Am feeling fine with life. Stay strong. There is much, too much to miss in the world. Don't sit on the couch and moan. Get up and get out. Find the joy in even the smallest act. And for those who have crazy families and friends that disappear, remember that they have their reasons and it is about what they need not you. Memories are of the mind and not the object. Give freely of time and help. Your life will be far better. Until later, Karen