Ok so, this morning I woke up and grabbed my phone and I got up to go to the kitchen. The last thing I remember is reaching for my door handle. I don't remember how I got on the floor but I do vaguely remember being in the floor, and I hit my head, I couldnt move my limbs and my right arm and leg felt tingly. It was very hard to breath and my teeth were clenched so hard that they hurt afterwards. It's not a vivid memory it's more of a vague foggy memory. I don't even remember most of it, I know I lost some memory because when I came back to my senses my door was open. When I first came back to my senses I had a headache and couldn't really remember if I convulsed or anything. I just remember that one short part which was actually hard to remember. I know I fell because my phone was on the ground beside me. Ever since then I have felt foggy, but right after it happened I was just very confused.I have not told my mother because I don't think she will believe me. However, based in the answer I get form this i will most likely talk to her about it. This has never happened before and I don't know what could have caused it.