I am a 43 years old and I was drinking 8-10 beers a day until Feb 7th when I was diagnosed with gout and low testosterone (243.) (The real reason I went to the doctor was E.D. not joint pain. I can deal with the joint pain.) I just got my latest test results and my uric acid is down to 7.0 mg/ml. My testosterone level is finally up! It's 653 after (4) 1ml injections of test cyp 200mg/ml. Cardio crp 0.8. Sed rate 6. Rhematoid factor 6. Cascading reflex Anachoice screen negative. All those levels are good now with no medication - just cessation of alcohol. Unless the testosterone has something to do with it. My E.D. is improving also. Don't get me wrong, I'm starting to feel much better since starting TRT. I just wonder if my testosterone levels would have gone up just by qiitting drinking. I don't want to stop the TRT to try to find out, but pretty soon it will be a moot point won't it? My natural test production will stop, won't it? Anyway, I kind of look forward to giving myself injections. A little sense of control over my aging body. My new drug is going to be to get myself healthy and in shape. What do you guys think?