Hi all, I need some help with some strange neck pain. In 2008 I noticed a type of swelling at the base of my neck towards the front. It's behind my clavicle bone and in front of my shoulder muscle (normally a persons neck depresses in this spot) but on me it is a bump. My Dr had me go and get a cat scan done and what they found was a 5cm something! So then I went to the head and neck surgeon and he reviewed my ct and looked at my neck then told me he never saw anything like it and it is in a spot where he said it was to risky to operate on it. So I let it go and about a yr later my dr wanted another ct so I went and got that done to find out it wasn't 5cm down anymore it was up at the top! Like a little man rolled it up! Sorry, now it's inflamed again and with problems. Now when I turn my head mostly when im doing something and try to turn my head it seems to catch and now I have pain. Have any of you good people ever heard of this or had this? Any help? Please! Nanimal