Hi everyone, I am very new here but have been reading a lot of your posts which have been so helpful. I have been on pain meds since 19 yrs old when I got RSD.(reflex sympathetic dystrophy) this is has been a long hard road. Many surgeries, epidurals, nerve blocks etc. I am now 37 have 2 kids one of which has autism (my 6 yr old) anyways I have been on high doses of Percocet and oxycodone for over a year. I tried to take them prescribed but my pain was horrific and my kids needed so much from me. I am now two days in no pain meds. I feel extremely anxious. I went and got a prescription for suboxone but I am so afraid to take it. I haven't been that sick yet. Is it coming or is this goin to be it for the next few months. Somebody please help!!!