About a month and a half ago I started having horrible nausea I could not eat or sleep. Had an endoscopy and they found something in my stomach to biopsy. While waiting 2 weeks for the results, I was given Sucralfate which worked wonders. I tested positive for h.pylori and took the triple therapy for 10 days (was so miserable I couldn't do 14--metallic taste mostly). Took heavy dose probiotics during treatment and continued after. Waiting to be retested on Dec 1. Tonite the symptoms all of a sudden returned after 3 weeks. Nauseous again, jittery, can't sleep, stomach is gurgling. I'm miserable. Took a Zofran no help. Worried about taking anything else and more concerned that I still have h. Pylori. Can't do anything as it's the middle of the night. Any suggestions? Thoughts? I'm otherwise very healthy and never sick.