Ok I took a plan b pill in march 26th - 27th area after my period then got my period again april 3rd lasting a normal week. it was late then got a little heavy. the the whole month of april my bf and I have had unprotected sex and been using the withdrawal method, sumtime condoms but i took two pregnancy tests both came back neg but im having mild cramping not like normal and he did come into me when we got drunk one night plus there have been several occasions when he has came then we have sex a few hours later. Could I be pregant? Im two days late and I dont know if its mental stress because my prego tests did come back neg I took one yesturday night then one this morning. I keep looking around and not getting a real answer and seeing even going to the doctor may not show anything. I have had nausea, weird cravings, always wanting ice cream, mood swings, frequent pee'er and tired. Even today if I have a cramp it is where your overaries are and I never really mildly cramp there. Could it be because of the plan b pill? COuld it be because of stress? Could I be prego? and if anyone is wonderign why no birth control its because it causes really bad side effects.