Hey I had sex august 9th I ovulated July31- august5 and had sex the 9th Saturday and it was unprotected so I took a plan b then same day I believe within 3-4 hours and the next day Sunday the 10th of august I started on birthcontrol sprintec I take it everyday at 10:20 am and had sex no condom but now on birthcontrol after taking it religiously at10:20 after 7 days of taking it I had sex againg but on birthcontrol so Sunday the 17th, and my period was suppose to come august the 22nd a Friday but on that day I got mild cramps in the morning spotted once around 9 got a severe cramp when I spotted once and the whole day no spots very mild cramps almost not even noticable cramps now it's the next day Saturday the 23rd and I
Don't even feel cramps I feel little very mild pinches but that's it I may have to say since my last period July 20th-25th I've been very emotionally distraught over relationship troubles I've been stressed and I've taken plan b and not even close to 24 hrs later I took birthcontol and that seems like a lot of
Hormones I will repeat I'm new to birthcontrol so I started the very first day of the pack on the 10th of august and I've also been very anxious and nervous about the situation I'm
Going through right now so a small recap (july20th -25 had period July31-august5 ovulated august 9th had unprotect sex he pulled out and didn't cum in me and took plan b 3-4 hours later august 10th I started birth control august 17th had sex again but now on birthcontrol I waited 7 days for it to become active and again he didn't cum in me and august 22nd mild cramps 1 sever cramp spotted once and little to no cramps the rest of the day) so please be nice and just tell me the facts and your similar situations as well :) thank you for your time helping me it means a lot!