Hi, the Quality of Life person, Marcy, wants to sit in on my next visit with my new oncology team leader. This will be the wrap up of the radiation treatment, lab work, and the new MRI with iodine contrast. I'm wondering if I should say, "Yes." or "No" I think that he's worried about me getting along with the new nurse navigator-no telling what the old twit said. I also think that he's very curious about such an odd and rare cancer. He was an ER nurse, and about 5 years ago he was helping a patient get on a gurney and his back went out. He was doubled up on the floor. An MRI showed a benign tumor in his liver. He doesn't know it, but he still limps from that. Both of our fathers died from stomach cancer when we were about 12 years old.
Oh, yeah, I haven't met or been told who my new nurse navigator is. I'm wondering if I should call up and see who my new nurse navigator is now, or wait until I keep my appointment with Dr. Bernard, where he feels like he's in charge.
My appointment with Dr. Bernard is April 12, as the radiation will continue working-then I should have my MRI with contrast about April 1, 2013- I need to get my blood work done about 3 days before that, so they can tell if I've developed any kidney, etc issues from the radiation, before they do the MRI. On April 12, we'll discuss what the MRIs show, what radiation was like (I'm getting fat), what Dr. Garg recommends, any problems like anemia-and what type of follow up is recommended, and what the tumor board says.
They'll look at the pre-radiation MRIs -regular and then with contrast, then the post-radiation MRI. What else will be done, I don't know. I do want to take Levi with me, so my family understands what's going on. One thing that I haven't told you about this type of BCC. I told you that surgery spreads it, but radiation also does that. People develop this from being burned-firemen get it just outside of the burn area. All of this is to be done in 20 minutes and having a new nurse navigator will make it busy.

I might have an ingrown hair on my chin. Occasionally I've had cystic pimples
that sometimes take months to come to a head if ever-so it might be that, or it could be a new cancer tumor. Also some people get a load of zits from radiation. I'm breaking out with zits on my forehead 4 sure. This is a time, where it would be nice to have a nurse navigator to look at it and figure out which clinic that I should go to. Ya? Ya---
Meanwhile, I'm contacting my GP and asking for a 2% solution of Erythrmycin topical solution, if that clears it up, it's not a tumor. Anytime I have surgery or something, I get a skin peel and baby acne. I keep my old meds like this, so I can be exact in talking to a doctor. There just isn't any argument when they see the med bottle with dosage, etc. Paper gets lost, torn, but a bag of empty med bottles are another matter.

So, I'd like to have your opinion on if you'd ask Marcy to come, or politely refuse. I keep saying busy-but I want to make sure that I focus on Dr. Bernard.