My boyfriend and I have been together for quite some time now. I was on the BC pill, but I had to stop a couple months ago due to medical issues. Anyways, we began using condoms directly afterward. They've been working well for us up until last week. Last Tuesday (September 27), we had sexual intercourse with a Trojan spermicide condom, and all was well. We did it once more not long after, with a thinner Trojan, and it broke! We didn't notice this until after he had finished inside of me. Scared and confused, we went and picked up Plan B One Step. I took the pill within 2 hours of the incident. My period last month was around the 30th of August, so I assume it was due around then September. It is now October 3, and I don't have my period. I am having nausea, a headache, and cramps, though. It feels as if it's about to start, but nothing. Could someone please help me out? I'm a young girl who can't afford a pregnancy right now. We thought we were doing the right thing. Has anyone else taken Plan B? What was the outcome? Could you describe your experience and what I could do to alleviate these symptoms, thanks.