Me & my boyfriend had sex but first he put it in without a condom for like 15 sec and then took it was out and then put it in for like 10 more sec and took it out. I asked if he came and he said no. Then he got the condom. We did the water test and found that it was fine. But anyways I was supposed to get my period yesterday but I didn't... I feel like I've been getting the signs but no blood... backache, cramps, bloating... unless I'm overthinking. I previously took Plan B 10 days ago after having sex because he put it in before wearing a condom and I got paranoid.And the previous month I took Plan B also... 2 days after having sex and 3 days after my period and then within 5-6 days I got a second period that lasted 3 days (my usual lasts a week). Do you think that also may have thrown my cycle off? Should I be worried? How soon can you find but if you're pregnant? What should I do? Is there anyway to predict when my next period will be?