I am new to everything sex related, so please don't laugh at me. I am 23 years old and I am pretty worried. I am a very safe person when it comes to sex. I am on birth control and have a timer everyday same time when to take it. I also use condoms every time. However, me and my partner where having sex with a condom, when we were done he said the condom broke because there was white fluid on the outside. I freaked out because, about a week prior I was late on taking one of my birth control pills. So I decided to take a plan b pill right away. We wanted to make sure the condom actually did break, so we blew air into it and it did not break, there was no hole. To me it seemed to much white fluid to be mine, but I don't know could that have been mine? I know girls do make fluid like men. My period was supposed to start the day after we had sex and taking the plan b pill. Why has my period not come? When will it? Should I be worried? And was that my fluid? Any advice would be great.