I had unprotected sex on monday, and I started taking birth control for the first time on tuesday. He didn't ejaculate in me and it was the last day of my period (sounds nasty but hear me out: we both thought it ended and there was minimal blood) but because my fertility calculator says that my fertility window begins on saturday, I took emergency contraceptive pills today, on wednesday. I've heard that the after-pill can cause my period to be late, but I've also heard that birth control pills will regulate my cycles, so I was just wondering is my period going to come late? I took both after-pills at the same time because it's been more than 48 hours so I took both together to be safe and in case I forget the second one. Also is there still a chance I might be pregnant or am I just being paranoid? I've not had any discharge except a bit of a brownish one but I think it's like remnants of my period which just ended? Please help!