A few years after i got my period, my period went away for about 2 years, i just never had cramps, never had my period, nothing. I had lost a little bit of weight and become more active, but nothing drastic to the point where i would never get my period. Anyways, about a few years ago i got my period again, and again, and again. It was spotting every single day. This went on for months and months before i finally consulted a doctor about it. She put me on birth control and now i do not get my period, but if i go off the birth control just for one day (liek forget to take it) then i get my period again. I feel like i will always have to be on birth control or else i will get my period. I have been on birth control for almost a year now, and i am afraid i will not be able to have children. I also got an ultra sound and they said everything looks good, so what else could this be? My doctor hasn't been much help but i want to understand what is going on in my body and if i can still have kids in the future? Thank you!