9 weeks ago I delivered a baby boy... (My 3rd). At 5 weeks Pp I got my first period. Prior to having babies my cycles were 21 days on the dot . After my first baby I had mirena and my periods were at random if at all. And with my second baby I got pregnant on the pill 4 months after delievry so I am not sure what my cycles were then. I got Nexplanon inserted at 8 weeks postpartum. My dr said I should keep my regular cycles and wait until I start to the next one before I had intercourse... Well I should have started the next day based on my cycle pattern and never did and have had some pulling/stabbing sensations on the right side. I have felt this pain on two diferent occasions with an ovarian cyst and pregnancy. All tests for pregnancy have been negative so far... But since I just had a baby and my cycles are normally short... I'm not sure if I tested too early... I'm freaking out! I need reassurance! Is this normal? And if so why would i not have had my period ? 20 days went by before I had Nexplanon inserted. That should have been enough time for a lining to build before hormones interfered. Please help!