Hello everyone! I wish all of you had/are having a great day, without anxiety or sadness.
I'm 20 years old girl, from Europe (from a non English-speaking country so I beg for pardon in advance for the mistakes I'll probably make).
I've had anxiety for a quite long time now, almost 5 years, with ups and downs. I've tried to heal with homeopathy, but it helped only for a year circa so last year I decided to go back to my psychiatrist. My doctor is amazing, she really knows what she's doing, also cause she's been through this. Well I was put on sertraline (Zoloft) 50mg for a year, I didn't had a big improvement but the doctor didn't want to change the pill, for she thought it was caused by some school exams I had to do.
After these exams my anxiety a lot, so the doctor switched me from Zoloft to Paxil. I take it with Xanax slow release (idk the English word lol). I started taking the Paxil 10mg a day in the morning, xanax and at night Zoloft 25mg (slowly weaning off) till I increased Paxil 20mg in the morning and took off all the Zoloft.
So after 6 days being on Paxil 10mg (+25mg of Zoloft) I started feeling better, had hope and thought "omg finally the right treatment" but increasing the dose of Paxil and stopping the Zoloft gave me withdrawals.. Now I'm at day 6 of 20mg of Paxil and I feel nothing but bad.
I have big problems with depersonalization and derealization, that's the worst. Any suggestions?

Doctors say (I read somewhere so many times) that being on half dose or at least low dosage could be worse than not taking anything.