I have been under pain management for several years and have been taking Opana ER 15 x 3 for eight months. My pain has become manageable now although my days pain free are very far and few between. The doctors nurse told me I had to start loosing weight, but they refuse to send me to rehab. Because my spine is very messed up all I will do as exercise is walk. I have lost about 38lbs in the last ten months and now walk 2 1/2 every day but she told me at my last visit I haven't lost enough weight for them. She further said unless I drop 5lbs this month they will stop my medication period. I arrive at the office every month proud of my accomplishments and leave so depressed I can barely function for days afterwards. I would rather be bed ridden and in pain 24/7 than go back again. Since they will probably refuse to give me my next prescription, how do I get off these drugs they put me on? I am desperate for help!! I have seizure disorder as well from a brain injury I sustained. I have heard I can suffer seizures just going off the drug by myself. What would you suggest I do??