My husband is 56. About 3 years ago he went into congestive heart failure, during the testing process they had him do a colonoscepy(not spelled correctly). They found cancer in his colon and near by lymp nodes. They removed 18" of his colon and a couple of lymp nodes and said they got everything. He took a chemo pill for a year and did pet scans every 3 months. For a year all was going well and then all of a sudden they said that he was in stage IIII colon cancer. It had spread to lymp node near his lungs, stomach and liver. We then found that he had cirrohsis of his liver as well. He did drink but not like an addict but did drink a couple glasses of wine a day or a rum and coke. Over the last 6 months he has gone through aggressive chemo therapy which we just found out that it has not help, as a matter of fact the cancer has spread more. He also has spent many days in the hospital with severe acites (fluid build up). He has lost over 60 pounds in just the fluids they have been draining over the past 6 weeks. We have an appointment with the liver specialist very soon. My day's are filled with heartache watching my husband suffer. He is not in much pain but is very uncomfortable. He is not jaundice (not spelled correctly) but sleeps all day and gets a little confused. Since the cancer is in his liver and he has cirrohsis and acities what are the odds of his servival? I'm scared!