So I'm on microgestin, I've been taking the pill correctly, every single day on the dot (10:36 to be completely exact), this is my first month on the pill, we've used back up protection for the first 19 days, had a little unprotected sex, but didnt go all the way because i got nervous and so we used a condom. I am currently on the brown pills. For the first 2 days, I did have a period and cramps, all light, but there. Is that normal? I mean I did have a heavy period the second week of me taking the pills, but I still took the active pills according to the pack. So I had a second period, but it was pretty light, but I still had cramps, like i said, light. So i mean that's normal, right? And when we were unprotected, I'm protected because of the birhtcontrol, correct? even if there was precum, or he were to completely ejacualte in me, I'd be safe from having a kid?