I'm 23 years old and I had the Mirena placed in October of last year due to health issues. I was diagnosed with kidney failure at age 15. At age 18 I received my transplant, but only lasted 2 years..in those 2 years my doctor made me get on birth control that was the shot every 3 months. Unfortunately it gave me blood clots in my legs in 2012 and since that I was on blood thinners. Long story short I was back in the hospital in 2015 for very heavy bleeding. So they told me the best option was the Mirena. They also stopped my blood thinners a few months after that & I've been doing good on that part. Placement was very painful though, I don't know how I got through it! First 3 months were hell for me. I still have my mood changes and just feel like crap. I get severe headaches/migraines & still cramping. And dialysis on top of that. I also haven't stopped wearing a panty liner since that day! I'm so ready to take this thing out, but i don't know if I should? I'm no longer on the blood thinner, but I still don't want to risk heavy bleeding again. Stuck on this decision, this Mirena is a living nightmare! It's stressing me out. Just want to know somebody else's opinion.