Hi ladies, I need advice. I had sex wth my ex boyfriend the middle of May. We started having sex without a condom but put one on later so he didn't ejaculate in me. We broke up so I took plan b the very next day. I got my period about a week later. This was in May. I got my period about ten days early in June and then late in July. I never got my period for august. I had cramps for a day but no bleeding. It is now the 10th of September and I still haven't gotten my period. A week ago I took two pregnancy tests just kt be safe and they both came back negative. I have not had sex since that incident so it would make me like four months pregnant by now if I was. But I don't think I am because of the tests and my three other periods... I was wondering if this has happened to anyone else or if my cycle is messed up because of the pill. Any advice would be so much appreciated. Thanks ladies!