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What can I do to take out my iud, instead of going to the dr.?

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Marvell 26 May 2013

I would suggest that you do go to the doctor, no one else should be allowed to get and IUD out. It's too risky.

DzooBaby 28 May 2013

There is no way to remove an IUD on your own. Trying can lead to hemorrhage and could be life threatening. If you are low on funds and dont have insurance, talk to your gynecologist. They may be able to do it at a reduced "cash" fee and/or set up a payment option. Another route is to look into a family planning clinic. Some of them offer sliding scale fees and you may be able to have it done at low cost or no cost. Check around. NEVER attempt to remove it yourself.

happybrandee 28 May 2013

I'm not a doctor, but I am pretty sure that it is not a good idea to try and remove your own IUD!! This is something that you NEED to see a doctor for! I mean, it makes sense that if you need to see a doctor to have something inserted into your uterus... then you need to see a doctor to have it removed from your uterus! If you are trying to save money by doing it yourself, it's not a wise choice!! You can seriously hurt yourself doing this not to mention the risk of getting an infection!!
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