I don't technically have two doctors. My obgyn saw me and referred me to a specialist. Before I went to the specialist, my obgyn prescribed me Lorcet Plus 30 rxed to me. It was a 7 day supply. I saw the specialist a week later. He gave me Percocet 10/325 30 and his instructions were to take 2 three times a day as needed for pain. I have Stage 4 Endometriosis, Interstitial Cystitis, and Vulvar Vestibulitis. My regular doctor is doing a full hysterectomy on January the 15th and the specialist is doing a Vestibulectomy on the same day. They are both on the same page about everything. I even told the specialist what my doctor prescribed me for pain. I had to go back to the specialist a week after I saw him the first time for a follow up and asked if he would change my meds to something a little less expensive. He gave me Lorcet Plus again, 30 rxed with instructions to take 2 three times a day again. It had one refill. I called after both the original script and the refill were gone and asked for another refill. All three conditions I have cause extreme pain. That's why I'm on the meds I'm on. The thing is I'm about to run out of my current prescription that the specialist gave me. Today, I went in for a pre-op appointment with my regular obgyn (the first doctor) and I asked her for something for pain. She, again, gave me Lorcet Plus. The specialist's meds is only a 5 day supply which will be up tomorrow so, I have not gotten this new script filled yet. Can I get in trouble for taking a prescription to the pharmacy for the same medication? I've done it once before and they haven't said a word. But I've read complete horror stories. I'm not doctor shopping. I'm just in a lot of pain. And, honestly, both these doctors know each other. They have worked together, albeit in different offices, for years right across the hall from each other. The last thing I want to do is to do something illegal. I just want pain relief. Like I said, I haven't filled the new script I got today from my obgyn. I'm waiting until tomorrow. But can the pharmacy flag me? I'm not doctor shopping.