I never even knew i had HPV until i was pregnant with my daughter back in 2013. As i was pregnant i had broke out with warts, the doctor said it was because my antibodies were fighting for the baby and not for me and they would go away after i had my daughter. After I had my daughter they went away on their own, it only took about a month or so for them to clear up . It has now been 4 years and i have had no other symptoms nor have i had any more warts pop up at all . I have read that your body can fight the virus and it is gone after 2 years, i have read that you have it for life . I have just read so many different things about it and i am confused . Could it be gone ? If i get pregnant again will it show back up ? I plan on having another child , i am with someone else now, I just would like to know if anyone has any personal stories or professional opinion on the matter.