On Friday my neurologist called to give me the results of my MRI. She said they found I had cavernous angiomas in my brain stem. She said it is leaking blood & that that is the likeliest cause of my seizures. She is concerned that I probably was born with it but only recently started having symptoms... seizures, headaches, horrible musculosceletal pain etc. She also said before they knew anything about this they treated patients for muscular dystrophy or multiple sclerosis (can't remember which one) because the symptoms mimic those diseases. I am scared to death to end up in more horrible pain in a wheelchair :( She said brain surgery is way too risky in the brain stem because that is the most sensitive part of the brain & that if touched, it could cause paralysis or death. Has anyone else had bleeding in the brain because of these malformed blood vessels? Any suggestions or hope? Scared out of my mind :( Jewels