So while having sex, i started a sharp pain in my lower abdomen but I kept going. And once it got a little worse, I stopped. My stomach hurt very badly, and when I stood up, I felt like throwing up. And I went to the bathroom and peed and when I stood up to wash my hands, my eyes were starting to black out, I was sweating very very much, I could not that well and I felt like throwing up. I went to lay down and i could not breathe but it got a little better. I went to take a shower with my boyfriend and before I went to the bathroom and it made me sweat sooo much. I didn't take a shower but instead lay in bed and I got very cold. I'm not exactly sure why I feel this way, do you? I've been in the heat kind of today and have been drinking water a little, plus I had some breakfast. If anybody knows what's wrong with me, I would love to know. Thank you