I was on 90mg cymbalta, during a visit with my Dr he told me anything over 60 mg did nothing and put me back to 60 mg... I didn't ask but should have asked why he put me up to 90 in first place... Anyway, recently I had an appointment and explained I was not doing well and feeling very weepy and depressed... He gave me a cycle pack of viibryd and told me to alternate with cymbalta for the first week then just take viibryd... I did this and once my starter month was almost out called for a refill, Dr was vacation so I was out of luck... That was a Friday... The following Monday I called, they said he needed to see me but had no opening that day maybe they could fit me in layer in the week... Am I crazy or is this wrong? I didn't think it was on to take and then skip a bunch of days... I'm not going back to him and I'm struggling horribly emotionally but am hoping the worst is almost over