Hi there, I've been on sprintec since July and I've taken it every day, on time, with one exception where I missed a day but took two the next. My queston is, I had unprotected sex a week ago, since then I have had cramps around the same area as I get menstrual cramps. It's not all the time, just every few days. Of course, it is around the same time that I really need to poop. When I had sex yesterday, there was a slight pain on my left side near where I get my cramps. I'm thinking it might just be due to the fact that I have untreated hemorrhoids, so I try to put it off for a bit, when I do poop, I strain and it hurts around that same abdominal area, but could I possibly be pregnant? My period isn't due for another 2 weeks, but I do sometimes have menstrual cramps a week or two before for a little while, I also have a series of highly emotional days (which has happened this week). I've been reading up a lot about the issues I have been having, but a lot of them are related to constipation, but some of them do tie into pregnancy as well. I'm not experiencing any breastfeeding tenderness or discoloration, neither am I having morning sickness. All seems well besides these odd cramps. I'm sure this is me just over thinking and being in a new work setting and having some anxiety about all of that, but I'd still like to ask. Thanks for your help in advance.