I have been taking Humira for 6 weeks=3 injections so far. I have been diagnosed with Akalosing Spondilitis and Psoriatic Arthritis. I have not felt good at all, very tired and weak with a rash (since 2nd injection) on my back and short of breath. Because I have a pace maker for Afib and a history of kidney stones and a TIA 6 mos ago my drs don't seam to take the symtom of being short of breath seriouly (it has gotten worse in the last month) but I have read that it could be a serious side effect of Humira. I reported the rash to my Rhymatoligist and she thought it was not caused by Humira since it is on my back. She said I could take an antihistomine for the itch, which I have not tried yet). Oh by the way, I also have Parkinson's but the Carbidopa/levadopa and Entacopone is taking care of the tremor in my leg. I am praying that I will soon get some pain relief and my energy will pick up. I have really had a bad time trying to get Drs to take my symtoms seriously over the last 2-3 years. I'm almost beside myself, I don't know when I should start shouting to get them to listen to my issues instead of passing the buck to the next Dr. I am 74years old. Could use some help here! "A"