Hello everyone. I have a red bump on my chin just below my lip. The first time I got it 2 weeks ago. It was supposed to be a pimple and I was so tempted to do so but eversince I poked it with a needle (yes I know it was a stupid act. Pardon me), it turned out worst. It was infected by bacteria (as what the doctor said) and become a boil. So the doctor gave me antibiotic that shudve been taken two capsule for four times a day and ointment to be applied on it. The doctor said if it wont heal after I finished the antibiotic, I must go back to them.

The "boil" I got was bleeding continuously back then that the blood filled my palm (no joke, it wont stop and I went to the toilet several times to wash away the blood) .

Now, I still have it and it popped out from my skin. It is so tempting that you think you want to just cut it by a scissor. I didnt see any good result yet bec it's getting dry and hard on the upper surface, but soft and tender below. However, when I pinch the upper part, it is squishy. How I wish I can show you the pic of it bec it is difficult to explain.

My question are, is it really a boil?