I am a 35 yr old mom of 4 young girls. I have social anxiety, I get depressed easy, I always worry about what other people are thinking, I dislike myself because I have not lived up to my potential. If someone does something to bother me I think they are complete idiots. I feel alone and empty a lot. I have trouble with intimacy. If I get mad I make snap decisions and angry remarks to ppl then regret them. If something is bothering me the thought goes around and around in my mind. I can't stand stress. It's so hard for me when my girls fight which is all the time. Less often but at times when I'm over stressed I feel numb and don't want to move. I thrive when I feel like ppl like me or think I'm attractive. I've been on Celexa for 6 months or so but still feel these feelings. Beer seems to help me relax but then I feel guilty for drinking. If anyone can please help I would really appreciate it. I started seeing a therapist but I'm looking for help from people l who understand.