hey there, its been awhile just checking in on you, how is it all going with all your testing at the doctors, hope all went well. Glad you treated yourself to a few new things, we all need to do that from time to time. I am kind of stuck right now, maybe I didnt make the best choice with stopping the subs and using the norco to stop the WD because I was so scared of how sick I was when they first had me on way to much, I was so sick I did not want to re visit that hell again. so now I am still on 2 10mg norco a day, tomarrow I will drop 5mg and stay there for a few days, I plan on doing this every 5 days so if all goes well i will be off in 20 days completely, however my family (no one but my husband knows I have done this) say they see a big difference in me, more like my old self and ask what I am doing different, I just said trying to get off all meds. I am still really tired, depressed sometimes and I am not taking enough of the norco for the pain, but I am trying to get by with just the otc meds, making appointment with chiropractor, even though they dr said I should not do that before, also making new appt with my pain dr. I do not want to fail at this, I just want to wake up in the morning and feel like doing something, I know my attitude sucks alot, but i try to hide it. But I have found that if I make myself get up early and do yard work or something I do feel better it is just getting started, after that things seem to settle down a bit for me, there have been days where I really wanted to take more norco, but did not so it, also before when I was in pain at night I would get up and take one, I have not done that either, thought about it, but just told myself NO and did not do it. So I know that my brain now knows what is going on if I can just get my body to do the same. I pray everyday that I dont take more meds than what I have layed out for the day and so far so good, I know this was not a smart way to go, but my sub dr really isnt good I have never been on a regular dose for any amount of time, from the beginning til now I have been on a rollar coaster waiting for the ups and downs i just couldnt live like that any longer, so if you have any ideas please give them to me, and yes I can handle it even if you need to say some harsh things, i wil listen to them. thanks for everything, and again hope this finds you well.