I've only had my first shot. So far, not pleased. My period ended right after I took it. This month it was late, and just a light flow of brownish looking blood. It stopped and two days later I started getting red blood. I can't sleep now without drinking alcohol. I gained 10 pounds within five days. My weight usually remains pretty stable without exercising, and eating pretty much whatever I want. Only then did I read other people's horror stories about gaining an excessive amount of weight (significantly more than I have gained) and not being able to lose it regardless of diet and excercise. They also claimed once they stopped taking the depo shot, they still couldn't lose the weight. As soon as I realized I had gained weight I've been drinking nothing but water, dieting and killing myself with exercise every single day. This did not help. I began taking Thinogenics a few days ago. I've lost four pounds but, that's it. My weight also seems to fluctuate in a 3 pound range, in the course of a single day. I feel like I'm doing all the dieting and the exercise just to maintain a weight I'm already uncomfortable with. I've experienced more symptoms but those were the most bothersome. So does anybody know if I'm going to be able to lose weight more easily after the depo wears off? (I'm due for another dose at the end of this month.) Is my period gonna return to normal? (It was extremely predictable before.) Do I need to seek out medication for insomnia? I would greatly appreciate anybody taking the time to give me any information they have.