I have Chronic V-Tach, which i'm going to have an abalation surgery in July for. I'm currently on Sotalol 360mg a day, accopmied by a migragine for 3hrs after i take each dose. I also have a heat problem, i'm only 40 and am hot all the time i mean hot it can be 50 out and i'm in short's and t-shirt and am sweating. We know it's not my heart because the med has reduced my hr to 80 which used to be above 140. I have chronic fatigue syndrome, chronic pain, and insomnia. of which i'm not taking anything for because a lot of it intereactes with my heart med. Has anyone has any ideas or thought's i'm living in hell right now. My thyroid if fine so that's not it. My hormons are fine that's not it. I'm at a loss as are the Dr's.. HELPPPPPP!!!