So, back in late October 2014, I tapered off of 150 mg of Cymbalta. Worst mistake I ever made. A couple months later, I started having anxiety and panic attacks which I never had before. Instead of going back on Cymbalta, the doctor prescribed me Zoloft and Clonzepam. I had bad side effects so I quit the clonzepam. However, the Zoloft was the issue. A month after using the Zoloft, I was admitted into a ward. I experienced terrible memory loss, head pains, and then both auditory and visual hallucinations. After about a week, the symptoms lessened. It's now been 3 weeks since I quit Zoloft. I'm still experiencing some burning sensations in my head and nearly unbearable depression. Are these symptoms going to go away? To counter the depression, the doctor prescribed me 30 mg of Cymbalta, my original medication. I'm not really sure if it's helping yet. Any feedback would be really appreciated, as I'm going through hell currently.