I have been taking Protonix on and off for 4 years. My Dr recently raised my dose to 80mg. Well yesterday, i took a different medication for a UTI, one of the Sulfa drugs, and an hour later took my Protonix. I started breaking out bad, but not having trouble breathing, so i didn't go in. I just let the nurses know. This morning i took the Protonix, just like every day, and i broke out again. Is it possible that its just because my body thought it was that other drug? Or could i really be allergic to a medication I've had for years?
Might i add, the lab that processed my Protonix now is not the same that processed it before. Could that be it? Or could the higher dosing say something? Please help, i have horrible reflux and don't want to stop taking the medication if IM not allergic! :(