Hi all. New to this. Bare with me with this please. I'm a retire vet and hurt my back while active duty. Pain management for 7 years for chronic lower/upper back pain, neck shoulder pain, etc.cPain got worse when I had an SI joint fusion surgery 3 1/2 yrs ago. That's when they started the narcotics. Once it started I noticed that about a month in my meds weren't lasting like it said. Kept communication open with my doc he adjusted as needed, up and down, all was ok, so it seemed. Recently moved to Southwestern PA and found a new doc. Here's where it get tough and out of control. They put me on a fentanyl 50 MCG and percocet 10/325. They worked great along with other meds or alone. Pain increasing over a few months I mentioned it to the doc. I kept informing of any problems I've had like my patch not lasting 3 days more like 2. I was ignored. I decided to try the spinal cord stimulator trail. Well that morning my upper back was in complete disarray. We had to stop surgery cause I could keep still due to the pain. Before I left I asked can I get a pain or muscle relaxer shot to calm all this down because if I don't I will have to take more meds to deal with this. I actually said this to her. I was told, we don't give pain med shots or anything here. Uhhh, is this not a pain clinic located inside a hospital!!! New to me. Anyway I ended up taking more meds to calm my body down. As a result I of course was running out. I called them and told them this all again, even though they witnessed first hand my pain. They said I can't get them filled early and there's noting they can do. Kept calling and Jeeping them informed of what's happening. By this time I was out of meds and couldnt get my scripts filled for another 5 days. I went to them in person and said I can't deal with the pain, they said go to the ER. So I left with scripts in hand determined not to go and wait it out. On the way home I started shaking uncontrollably and had to pull over and go into a store to have them call 911. So later at the hospital they help me and my brother picks me up and takes me home. The next day, I can't remember what happened!!! I didn't remember where my car was or anything. WTFreak!!! Never had this happen. So I report my car stollen and inform my scripts are in there. They call me back 2 days later and told me what happened, but I barely remembered anything. I went to get my car, but my scripts were not there! Nobody tampered with my car so... where the heck are they!!! I immediately go to the clinic and tell them what happened and that its in the police report. I was told they can't help me and they dismissed me as a patient since I went to the ER. I do take responsibility for this but come on, I never had this happen and its in the police report. So I continue to have withdrawals and anxiety attacks and ER trips due to no meds in me. It lasted about 8 days for me. I was told by this same doc that from the lab results my body pretty much burns through these meds quickly and there's nothing I can do to change it (paraphrasing of course). New to me. She tells me " well its not that I think you need detox but you need to see someone. Find a new doc cause we can't see you Herr anymore". So I go to the VA pain clinic in Pittsburgh and I told him everything, didn't lie. I knew he already spoke to her so why lie. He said well we can't help you here. I can't give you any pain meds. Because of ONE mistake of all this time!!! Hes seen my past records and refused to help me. I even informed him that I don't want fentanyl or these strong meds because of what happened and that we need to had multi disciplinary treatment not just meds tossed at me. Still nothing! Not only did she speak to him, she wrote a letter basically saying I need detox and I'm a bad person. Really??? I'm a true legit chronic pain suffer and now I can't be seen anywhere and she said find another doc! This is not right. My pain won't magically go away and I have documented proof of back problems. So now I'm a monster because of this one mistake!? Does anyone know of a pain management place in or near southwestern PA that actually listens and reads all the records and not immediately judge and place me in a category?? I need advice. What do I do now??? Please keep your mean hearted comments to yourself. I need advice not criticism from those who have/had experienced this before. Thanks for taking the time to read this. I know I probably left some things out, but I was trying fast.