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I took a quarter piece of sub (8mg/2mg) ok have docs appt in morning, will it show up 4 drugscreen?

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Stephen Treloar 12 Sep 2016

Yes it will, but it is not evil being positive for Suboxone as it has only one therapeutic use.

SRG4EVR 13 Sep 2016

Ok thank you rescheduling it can't chance it ok thanks

Summergirl7 13 Oct 2016

Yes it will

studioGuy47 18 Jan 2017

2 mg is about the threshold for some... of any smaller it will show as Norbupinephirine (sp)

I've also showed negative at 1 mg. Once at 2... so it's possible it'll show and it's also possible it won't ... im sure you've found out by now lol ... I'm at .06mg and it doesn't show at all

11secmalibu 4 Jul 2017

probably be ok just drink lots of water. I use to take 2 to 3 strips the night before my sub appointment and piss clean they always accused me of selling but I was actually taking lasiks water pills so It was usually not in my system

Laykan 19 Jun 2018

Only if this drug screen screens for buprenorphine .. many don't but if you're going to an outpatient rehab or something like that to get screened then yeah they'll see it free discount card

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