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How much quantity of tylenol contains roxicet 15mg?

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balbanese 5 Jun 2012

I'm not sure this comes in 15 mgs with Acetaminophen in it. Roxicet is just a brand name for Percocet which comes in 5 and 10.

agssolutions 5 Jun 2012

Does Roxicet contains tylenol?

kaismama 5 Jun 2012

Here's where the confusion is. Roxicodone comes in 15 mg. It does not have tylenol in it. Roxicet has tylenol in it, it comes in 5/325 and 5/500 doses.

agssolutions 5 Jun 2012

Thank you for your answer but i would like to know how much quantity of tylenol contains in roxicet???

kaismama 5 Jun 2012

And I told you, the Roxicet doses are 5/325, the 325 is tylenol. in the 5/500 the 500 is tylenol.

kaismama 5 Jun 2012

Oh and roxicet does not come in 15 mg, only roxicodone does.

balbanese 6 Jun 2012

Yes, i figured the term was one again being confused, misused and abused.

kaismama 6 Jun 2012

Well I'm confused too, because after I answered he's still looking for the amount of tylenol, and I don't believe he's asking about roxicet becomes of asking about 15mg and roxicet doesn't come in that. free discount card

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