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Why has my pyschiatryst recommended that I take a second Anti-pyschotic when I'm well?

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coloresue 27 Jun 2015

I can't crawl into your psychiatrist's mind but I'll do my best at guessing. 1--Maybe the drug you're on has a typical number of years that it works before it stops being effective. Maybe you're getting close to it's typical effective end date. 2--Maybe you're getting close to a time where some people develop a tic or some other undesirable side effect and s/he wants to have a good backup drug ready. 3--Possibly the new drug is a better fit for you medically. I don't know all of your medical history but hopefully your Dr. knows a lot more than I do. 4--Possibly your Dr. sees something in your affect or demeanor that makes him/her want to tweak your meds just a little for your benefit.

I have major depression but have been on an antipsychotic before. I know Drs. use them in conjunction with SSRIs to treat depression. 5--Possibly your Dr. has a similar reason for the 2nd drug. The combination is a little better than just 1 drug. Maybe reading these ideas will start you thinking of more ideas on your own. free discount card

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