So I just wanted to start by saying I have terrible sleeping pattern and I feel like I do have really bad insomnia due to anxiety. It's very hard to fall asleep, I might go two to three days without sleeping. And when I do fall asleep I feel semi awake then I'll just end up waking up two hours after not being able to stay asleep. My sleep deprivation is causing me to be so tired during the day. There is times I'm so tired and just so out of reality that I am scared to drive.
I do have anxiety and am prescribed on medication, it works okay and am on gabapentin for insomnia and anxiety, gabapentin has came to the point that it doesn't work for me much I try to take some days off it but not much of a difference.

Anyway I search online looking for best sleep medication that helps me sleep easy and also keeps me asleep. I found a medication that people had said to work great at keeping one asleep called temazepem, I had not read enough about the medication itself, I had no idea it was considered benzo just that it worked wonders for insomnia. Now I just wanted say I'm not a drug seeking users I don't care if it makes me feel "high" or not as long as it puts me to sleep. So I had made an appointment with my doctor because my psychiatrist appointment was in a month. I ended having a nurse practitioner instead of a doctor that treated me. I decided to do a stupid thing I didn't realize the consequence at the time and told her that I had been prescribed temazepem from my previous psychiatrist then she went ahead and told me that since it was a benzo medication ( didn't even know it was benzo) she had to get permission and she had send the request for the medication to my pyschiatrist.

That moment I knew I messed up I should have told the truth but I was afraid because I didn't want to ask directly for the medication or be seen as a drug seeker. Now I am very scared because I do know my psychiatrist, she does her job very well and she knows almost all meds I been on and the worse part is she's a very nice and great psychiatrist and I don't want to lose her. I'm so afraid, what should I do? If I tell the truth I will be in trouble regardless. Do psychiatrist always check history when someone has said they been prescribed a certain med before ? Or should I just say I never been prescribed but I had tried it before.
Or should I tell her that the nurse practioner misunderstood me?
I'm just trying to come up with a cover up because I'm so anxious and scared as I should be because that was such a idiotic move to do.

The only reason I searched because I basically been on a few different sleep medication that barely helped, it just doesn't help and only does at time when I force myself then I'll end up waking up in the middle of the night.