... problems empting my bladder with constant massive side aches. So she put me on Septra for 7-days saying I had bacterial infection as my white blood count was up But I had concerns about label warnings so I talked to the pharmacist as it warns a person who is experiencing kidney issues shouldn't take Septra.

Pharmacist assured me the label wanings were more stating that there were some people with kidney issues who had reactions to Septra. At this point wasn't sure ... I have transvaginal mesh erosion which I have vaginal and uretha erosion. (Open wound/mesh exposed) I am waiting for my third repair surgery to repair the erosion.

I took Septra for the week with no difference.

GP said I had Pyelonephritis then put me onto 7-days Mcobid 100 mg x 2 a day. Within 24 hrs I am still in pain & feeling nauseated but am able to urinate more than a trickle.

The pain is horrendeous, I feel like I have perfume inside me. I have burning itch on my feet, legs, hands, arms and body trunk.

I am very tired, when is this going to get better? Should I have other tests done?