due to a luminary embolism, after giving birth, my INR has never really been on target since coming out of hospital, I had a large period a few weeks ago, which lasted 5 days, then came on two days later as a rush of blood. which was bright red and no clots, not normal for my periods, I also became quite dizzy, sick and was getting headaches. Doctor took blood tests and diagnosed me as anemic and put me on iron, he also put me on emoxporin injections alongside my warfarin. My INR has picked up a little and I felt a little better, so they stopped injections and I have began.to get the headaches again, and just realised I'm bleeding again, but nothing like a period, his time it is dark red and thick, I feel tired all the time and sickly. Back for my warfarin check on Wednesday dunno whether to try to aee doc before then