My husband is an alcoholic, I never had a slip, & it didn't bother me, too much, until I slipped last year, now I'm really struggling, especially seeing him drink.
They took me off the transplant list in Feb, 15, my meld score was 11.
They say I will always have cirrhosis , it's just not in the end stage anymore.
If I continue to slip once a week or so, say 10 glasses of wine ( I use to drink whiskey or vodka) will I start to deteriate quickly? What would the signs be? I'm too scared to tell my GI doc, which I still see every 3 months & 2times a year ultra sound or MRI. I'm trying so hard to not drink, it's harder this time than ever.
Thank you
My sober date was 2-8-08 to 6-6-15