I have had chronic ear pain for 8 months and have been on 6 or 7 ear drops/oral meds. Yesterday I saw an otologist who determined that my ear pain was the result of a stiff eardrum that caused negative pressure to block my Eustachian tubes. The otologist wanted to cut a hole in my eardrum and put a tube in while I was awake under local anesthesia. I told him I was extremely anxious about being awake and would prefer to be sedated/anesthetized and he responded in a combative tone, "I'm not bringing you to the OR!" I was taken aback by how rude he was, given that many people (myself included) have legitimate fears about medical procedures.

I kept expressing my preference, even saying that I read that one CAN get put under for ear tubes (maybe less common in adults, but certainly doable). Then, he just casually responded I could take Klonopin but I refused because 1) it won't sedate me to the point where I'm unaware of what's happen and 2) I'd prefer not to sedate myself. Because my psychiatrist prescribes this medication, I emailed her to see what she thinks. I also emailed my regular ENT about my awful experience with the above otologist.

By the way, I have no contradictions to sedation or GA. I've had IV sedation twice and GA three times, and have never had problems.

So my questions are: Have any of you had tubes put in as an adult under sedation or general anesthesia? If so, were your doctors understanding of your preference or acted like you were a wimp for not wanting to be awake?

Thanks for your insights!