... my Psychiatrist or my Doctor wont give me a straight answer as to my Diagnoses other than to stabilise my mood,I am on 25mg at night and 25mg on waking,Now i have just started sertraline 50mgs but they want to increase this to possibly 200mgs,I am very sensetive to ssri's so i requested i start off on 50mgs,I am basically bedridden on the seroquel but keep battling on as i do need them,To be honest when i was put on them i was extremely psychotic,My weight is going through the roof on a daily basis and im type 2 diabetes but both G.P and Psychiatrist say i really need to stay on seroquel,I am becoming more unfit aswell? Out of all the things seroquel is used for i think my nearest would be scizoaffective disorder,I have Borderline personality disorder,Ocd,PTSD,Generalized Anxiety disorder and am trying it their way with medication but am zombied out until i come round which i dont have the motivation to do 9 times out of 10?