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I have been put on pristiq for nerve pain, does it work well?

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funkygrl 21 May 2016

I'm not going to be of great help here, but medication is SO DIFFERENT for each person, that even if it works for some, it won't work at all for others... when did your nerve pain start? Are you on any other medications? The reason I ask is I have learned that two medications I was taking for years, had side effects of Neuropathy which I believe is nerve pain. I was put on antidepressants 15yrs ago. Then they started me on medication for high cholesterol because the antidepressants raised my cholesterol... another side effect of the antidepressants. Years later and over 65 side effects of the drugs I was taking, I got off of everything because it has me all screwed up. I am S L O W L Y getting better but it's been 2.5 yrs now and I'm still fighting the nerve pain. Mine is from the neck down, constant skin pain. In addition to that I have what feels like pins and needles, stabbing bone pain, electrical type pains and hot spots. I'm still looking for answers as to how to remedy the pain but medication has done so much harm to me, I'm looking more for answers as to how to fix the problem rather than mask the problem. There ARE some days where I question my judgement in that respect, because I'm so tired of feeling like this. Whatever you decide, make sure you read that terribly long informational packet that comes with the drug. Be aware of the possible side effects. Keep a log. Sometimes the possible side effects just aren't worth the risk.

chuck1957 28 May 2016

Brown; Yes this is true we are all different and medications work different on us. But for me it has been a life saver I very rarely have any nerve pain and it helps with other problems I was having but I well warn you not everyone is the same. But with any of these medications in this class of drugs when you first start some notice very little as far as side effects others it can be a real problem and this is normal for the first 1 to 2 weeks and then those side effects go away mostly so it does get better the longer you take it sometimes it can take more or less time before you notice much relief and that is because it takes 6 to 8 weeks to reach the full blood level in your system. But it's best to take it about the same time every day and not to miss a dose. There are a lot of medications that work very well for nerve pain but you do have to give it time to get in your system. And also when you start the medication sometimes those side effect can increase some of the reasons your taking it for but that is for just the first week or two and then you don't have as many. Best of luck to you I hope it works for you as well as it has for me. free discount card

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