... having been on it (40 mg) for almost a year because I gained sixty pounds in that time, but I was also on birth control, which can also cause weight gain. I am a little scared to take it, because I have PCOS and I am constantly watching what I eat and how much I exercise, but I have tried over a dozen different drugs for my anxiety and I have not tolerated any as well as I've tolerated Cymbalta. But even the thought of putting something in my body that could cause my weight to rise again scares me. I know there are other drugs I haven't been prescribed yet, like Nortriptylene (sp?) which don't cause weight gain. The other issue was that instead of improving my headaches, with every dose increase, not only did my weight skyrocket, my headaches got worse, as well. I have to get/keep my anxiety under control if I want to keep this or any other job I may have in the future. My doctor is going out of town, and has a cardiologist covering him. Does anyone have any advice on being/staying on Cymbalta or another drug that's JUST like the Cymbalta, without the headaches and weight gain side effects? I am extremely sensitive to any medications, thus with every dose increase of the Cymbalta, I had muscle spasms that people don't normally feel. With that in mind, I need to be on something with minimal side effects, mainly no weight gain.