This is really specific and it is making me very paranoid, I would love some peace of mind since I am in a healthy (from STDS) relationship so we are not using a condom. I am on Trinessa. It is a combination pill. Days 1-7 are white, 8-13 are light blue, and days 14-21 are dark blue. There are then the 7 green placebo pills.

I took days 1-10 without any issues.Then I went home from college for thanksgiving break, and that night I realized I forgot my birth control. I ordered an emergency refill and received a new package that night. I checked my calendar to see which day I was on so I could start the middle of that pack and finish the month. However, I started on the wrong day. Essentially, I took days 1-9 and then days 13-16. On the 16th day, I returned back to university and realized I skipped 2 pills completely! What should I do? Should I take those 2 or ignore them and continue with day 17? When will I be safe to have sex without a condom?